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Hi! I'm Katerina, Prague-based freelance photographer and a member of the Czech Republic Professional Photographers Association. My family relocated to Prague from Almaty (Kazakhstan) in 2001, so I spent a good deal of my childhood here and went to the Czech school.

Photography became a part of my life about twelve years ago when I bought my first digital camera and started shooting everything that inspired me at the moment, intuitively, photographing what I was attracted to, without thinking that one day it will suck me in and will become my full-time job. In 2008 I switched to DSLR and taught myself photography, luckily, back then there already were a lot of YouTube videos and online materials, about the photographic craft.

Step by step, my hobby developed into the side job, during my years at the Czech University of Life Sciences and later, while working in the hospitality industry, I was getting night-club photo gigs, portraiture, and occasional wedding photography. I was shooting with available light, interested in being in the moment.

There is so much more to photography than an expensive camera, like the vision that comes only with years of practice. That is why it makes sense to hire an experienced wedding photographer if you want your wedding photos to tell a beautiful story and hold bright and happy memories of your special day.

In 2015 I found, myself in the situation when it became hard combining a day job with my photo gigs. I decided that maybe I should dedicate myself entirely to photography, the idea of challenging myself was very attractive. It was a great decision. Now I don’t stop shooting. Two years ago I got invited to photograph poker tournaments for King's Casino and Resort, right now I am combining poker photography with portrait and wedding gigs. Altogether, I can say that I am mainly interested in photographing people. Last year I offered my friend and colleague Polina Shubkina to join me in shooting weddings, mostly because of the work overload. We ended up liking to shoot together, it is more fun this way, plus the material outcome is twice greater, which makes our clients super happy. That is why we created a separate business just for our wedding photography - Katerina&Polina.


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